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Antibacterial Gel EGB+

Clean and disinfect hands instantly.

Due to it acts by direct contact eliminating germs without water or soap.

It cleans and disinfect hands instantly, due to it acts by direct contact eliminating germs and bacteria without water and soap, thanks to the fact that it contains a mixture of alcohols, disinfectants and emolients that protects the skin against dryness without leaving residues. Its main antibacterial agent is alcohol at 70% added with a powerful disinfectant made based with Lactic Acid.

The natural Lactic Acid is produced by fermentation of sugar cane, It is a safe, non-toxic alternative, used in the beauty industry for skin enhancement and unlike the traditional biocides, it is easily biodegradable.

The Coronavirus pandemic is focusing attention in the importance on the antimicrobial clean up and the demand of effective solutions. Eliminating the health risks that live on the surfaces in everyday environments, even home, office, retail and other public spaces, is a crucial part for stopping the propagation of COVID-19 and any other threats.

The use of lactic acid-based products to combat COVID-19 is widely recommended in Europe under the norm UNE-EN 14476 as well the Environment Protection Agency in the list of disinfectants for use against COVID-19.



  • • Coloque un poco del gel antibacterial en la palma.
  • • Frote sus manos, palma con palma con dedos entrecruzados.
  • • Frote las yemas de los dedos de su mano con las yemas de su mano opuesta.
  • • Frote el pulgar dentro de la palma de su mano opuesta con movimientos rotatorios y viceversa.
  • • Este procedimiento debe hacerse entre 20-30 segundos. Si a los 15 segundos sientes sus manos secas, no utilizó la cantidad adecuada.

Antibacterial Gel w/Lactive Acid = 1 US Liquid Gallon

Antibacterial Gel w/Lactive Acid = 20lts-5.28 US Liquid Gallon

Antibacterial Gel w/Aloe Vera = 1 US Liquid Gallon

Antibacterial Gel w/Aloe Vera = 20lts-5.28 US Liquid Gallon