lactive zone

EGB+ Food Grade Disinfectant

Reinforced with Lactic Acid for a better disinfection

Ideal for its application on food and any surface, no rinse needed.

Liquid Antiseptic for surfaces in general, fruits, vegetables and cocking utensils, no rinse needed, formulated with product based on Natural Biotensives, additional with moisturizers and emolients.

This product is especially formulated to satisfy the brand new cleaning and sanitization needs, with the main objective of caring HEALTH.


Apply by spraying to completely cover the skin, surface, utensil or any other food such as: chicken, meat, fish, seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables that you want to disinfect (also useful to disinfect eggs or packages of all products).

  • · Let it act for a second if you wish.
  • · No rinse needed.
  • · For surfaces, skin, utensils you can dry with a papel towel.
  • · Personal Hygiene: Disinfect hands and eliminates food odors.
  • · Public places and items: Bathrooms, transportation, workplaces, kitchen, etc.

LACTIVE ZONE 600ml - 20.28 fl oz

LACTIVE ZONE 1 lt - 0.26 US Liquid Gallon


LACTIVE ZONE 20lts - 5.28 US Liquid Gallon